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Title: Analysis of value added service on GDP Growth Rate using Data Mining Techniques
Authors: Kunda, Douglas
Chihana, Sipiwe
Keywords: GDP, Regression, Time-series/trends analysis, Correlation, Data mining, Predictions
Issue Date: 2-Jan-2017
Publisher: Database Systems Journal vol. VIII, no. 2/2017
Citation: IEEE Style
Abstract: The growth of information Technology has spawned large amount of databases and huge data in numerous areas. The research in database and information technology has given rise to an approach to store and manipulate this data for further decision making. In this paper certain data mining techniques were adopted to analyze the data that shows relevance with desired attributes. Regression technique was adopted to help us find out the influence of agriculture, Service and Manufacturing on the performance of gross domestic products (GDP). Trend and time series technique was applied to the data to help us find out what trend of GDP with respect to service , agriculture and manufacturing sector for the past decade has been. Finally Correlation was also used to help us analyze the relationship among the variable (service, agriculture and manufacturing sector). From the three techniques analyzed, service value added variable was the most prominent variable which showed the strong influence on GDP growth rate.
Description: Article
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