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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-01-31Early Childhood Education: Penetrating the Impenetrable IssuesSakyi, Kwesi Atta
2014-12Sustaining & Improving the Water Supply & Sanitation SectorLengwe, Egret Chanda
2016-08-01Leadership Traits and Styles and Its effects on Corporate Profitability – A Case Study of Parmalat Zambia LimitedDaka, Willima Jane
2017-02Upholding ACCA Platinum Approved Learning Partner Status using a Strategic Modelling ApproachLengwe, Egret Chanda
2017-02-28Artificial Intelligence and Potential Future PossibilitiesSakyi, Kwesi Atta
2017-05-11Public Media and Public Expectation of Service Delivery in Zambia - Convergence or Divergence?Sakyi, Kwesi Atta
2017-06-13Evaluating the Impact of ICTs and Education Assessment and Feedback in Modern EraKawimbe, Sidney
2017-06-17Competitive Positioning of a Higher Education Institution in Zambia: The Case of ZCASKayombo, Kelvin Mukolo
2018-09-01An Evaluation of the Balanced Scorecard as a Performance Management System in Parastatals – A Case Study of the National Pension Scheme Authority (NAPSA)Yamba, Manyaki
2019-03-25Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Monetary Policy in Zambia from 1996 to 2016Chikwashi, Malama
2019-03-25The Impact of Multinational Corporations (MNCs) on the operations of Trade Unions in a Globalized World: A Case Study of Mineworkers Union of Zambia (MUZ)Musonda, Lynn Mpundu
2019-03-25An Evaluation of the Global Liquidity Crisis of 2007- 2008 on the banking Industry. A Case Study of the Central Bank of ZambiaMfula, Chisola Nfwama
2019-04-25Public Corporation Monopolies - Case Study of Sale of Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG)Sakyi, Kwesi Atta
2019-04-25Negotiation Failure - Case Of Daimler-ChryslerSakyi, Kwesi Atta
2019-04-25Sustainable Supply Chain Management at Clif BarSakyi, Kwesi Atta
2019-04-25PR Management of BP Oil Spill on Gulf of Mexico-A Strategic Communication ApproachSakyi, Kwesi Atta
2019-04-25Opportunities Threats and Challenges in Anarchistic and Autarkic States-Utopian States versus Dystopian States-Plight of Communities and Individuals in the Modern WorldSakyi, Kwesi Atta; Mukosa, Francis; Mweemba, Burton; Katebe, Moses
2019-05An Investigation of the Economic Diversification of the Zambian Economy through Arts and Culture: A Case Study of Lusaka DistrictNgosa, Paul Bernandicto
2019-05-02An Assessment of Green Computing Awareness and Adoption in Higher Education Institutions in Zambia:Mbewe, Serah Beza