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Title: Leadership Traits and Styles and Its effects on Corporate Profitability – A Case Study of Parmalat Zambia Limited
Authors: Daka, Willima Jane
Keywords: Leadership, Leadership traits and styles, Management, Corporate profitability, and Parmalat Zambia Ltd.
Corporate Profitability
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2016
Publisher: ZCAS University
Citation: Harvard
Abstract: This research paper was aimed at investigating leadership traits and styles pertaining to Parmalat Zambia, a food industry group with a multinational strategy that seeks to increase the well being of consumers throughout the world. The analysis was based on administering a questionnaire to a selected sample of Parmalat Zambia managers as well as interviewing managers at all levels of authority. This company was chosen for it was one of the first multinational corporations to start operations in Zambia. Results of the research indicated that Parmalat managers need to be motivated to enhance profitability. The Parmalat board of directors should consider realigning their remuneration policy to be more motivating and result-oriented. Further, Zambian managers need to undertake further training and go on attachment in other countries in order to appreciate the global impact of the company‟s operations. It will also make them change their behavior to suit the global business environment. The link between teamwork and corporate profitability should be properly analysed to reflect the Zambian conditions.
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