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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-11COVID-19 Destructive Aftermath with Greater Opportunity for Innovation and Marketing in Zambia’s IndustriesSakyi, Kwesi Atta; Mukosa, Francis; Kwenda, Joyce; Mweemba, Burton
2019-05-03The Digital Divide Hindering E-learning in ZambiaMukosa, Francis; Mweemba, Burton
2022The Effectiveness of the Promotional Strategies used to Support the Implementation of the Proudly Zambian CampaignMweemba, Burton
2022-04-04Factors Affecting Consumer Buying Behavior towards Local Brands in Zambia: A Consideration of the Product PreferenceMweemba, Burton; Mweshi, Geoffrey; Bbenkele, Edwin
2020-06The Impact of Covid-19 on Small Scale Businesses in ZambiaMukosa, Francis; Mweemba, Burton; Mwitumwa, Lubosi; Sikazwe, Webster; Mbewe, Serah, Beza; Katebe, Moses; Sinkala, Namakau, Kakanda
2020-03The Impact of Youth Unemployment on the Zambian EconomyMukosa, Francis; Katebe, Moses; Sakyi, Kwesi Atta; Mweemba, Burton; Mbewe, Serah Beza; Sikazwe, Webster
2022-11A Measurement of the 2022 Budget Allocations on Marketing Performance Across Key Economic Sectors: A Zambian PerspectiveMatoka, Windu; Mukosa, Francis; Mweemba, Burton; Muhyila, Mildred
2019-04-25Opportunities Threats and Challenges in Anarchistic and Autarkic States-Utopian States versus Dystopian States-Plight of Communities and Individuals in the Modern WorldSakyi, Kwesi Atta; Mukosa, Francis; Mweemba, Burton; Katebe, Moses
2022-10Revitalization and synthesis of factors associated with the purchase of local Fast Moving Consumer Goods: The Zambian perspectiveMweemba, Burton